Kevin S.

I’ve been using the Silent Sleeper for over 2 months with a soft pillow. I found it easy to sleep with it. Before using it, I thought it’s possible I may have undiagnosed sleep apnea. Now I sleep through the night and feel very well rested in the morning. I was waking up less so there was a massive difference immediately. High energy, no lethargy at all. 

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The amazing Silent Sleeper is probably the most comfortable, easiest to use, and most effective anti-snoring product out there. You just slip the Silent Sleeper under your own pillow and go to sleep. It’s that easy! That’s right. You get to keep your own pillow!

Chuck W.


I’ve been using the Silent Sleeper for about a month and have had no difficulty using it. I immediately noticed that I was not as restless and I woke up less throughout the night. With so many products, I was skeptical, but willing to make the purchase. I just placed an order for two additional products. My partner also snores and can use one. I guess that additional purchase is a solid recommendation to try it.

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