How to Stop Snoring with the Amazing Silent Sleeper Anti-Snore System




How they work



Studies have shown that the main reason for snoring is the relaxing of the jaw which closes the airways.

This product is designed to:

  • keep your jaw away from the back of your throat.

  • allow you to breathe easier.

  • drastically reduce or eliminate your snoring altogether.


Place the Silent Sleeper under your own pillow and lie on your side.

  • A gentle downward slope allows gravity to keep your jaw forward.

  • Your airway stays open.

  • It is barely noticeable.

  • You still get the comfort of using your own pillow.

Snoring happens when your jaw relaxes, falls toward the back of your throat and closes your airway. So, when you breath, the air vibrates through your soft palate and uvula. Snoring is the sound caused by those vibrations. To stop this from happening, you need your jaw to stay forward. The Silent Sleeper is the easiest, most comfortable and best priced solution on the market today that actually solves this problem! 

    You just slip the Silent Sleeper under your own pillow and when you lie on your side, it slants your head just enough to create a gentle downward slope. This slope allows gravity to hold your jaw away from the back of your throat, which keeps your airways open. Months were spent experimenting until we established the perfect height, size, shape and density for ultimate comfort and success.

     Those over-priced mouth guards are supposed to hold your jaw forward in the same manner, except with the Silent Sleeper, you don’t have some uncomfortable, plastic thing shoved into your mouth all night. Just let gravity do the work instead.


Needing your jaw to stay forward is why items like chin-straps never seem to work. They pull the jaw toward the back of the throat, which is the exact opposite of what you want to happen. When you use the Silent Sleeper as instructed, you and your partner will be able to sleep throughout the night - and neither of you will have to attach a strap to your face.

The Silent Sleeper is also designed for the restless sleeper. With a downward slope on either side, you are able to easily change from lying on one side to the other and continue utilizing its benefits. 

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us directly. We will answer as soon as possible. Thank you for your time and congratulations on coming to the right place to finally get a good night's sleep.


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