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Testimonials from Actual Silent Sleeper Anti-Snore System Clients

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"When my silent sleeper arrived, I took one look and said, "this just isn't going to work." What was this strangely shaped piece of foam going to do to prevent snoring? Well, the surprise is on me. Not only did it help with snoring, it also helped with restlessness. Needless to say, my wife was delighted. That said, I didn't have the household monopoly on snoring. When the second order arrived, my wife slipped the silent sleeper into her pillow. That night the quiet was eerie. 48 years of snoring, gone! I don't understand the science. But then, I never understood how a combustion engine works either. All I need to know is how to drive a car, and sleep with my silent sleeper. Signed, happy customer."

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"OMG what a great first impression. The first time in years I have slept all night. I hope this keeps up because I feel great this morning. You should get the Nobel Peace Prize. Our nights have never been so peaceful. I could not wait to let you know."

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"I can’t believe how quickly it worked. There was a drastic difference on the very first night.


My wife and I are very happy with the results. You are a lifesaver!"

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"Hi, attached is a photo of a selection of the aids we have tried to help prevent snoring.  All failed.  Others we have tried have been binned so are not in the photo. The first night using the Silent Sleeper my wife woke me in a panic as she thought I had died where I was so quiet.  This is the most effective aid we have used. Successful from the start."

Richard Wills.jpg

"I would like to report a miracle which has happened over here in the U.K.. For over the past 20 years of interrupted sleep and myself being relegated to the spare room, my wife has witnessed a miracle take place. She no longer has to use her ear plugs and is having peaceful nights. Thanks again and I will be ordering 2 more. One for my son and a spare for myself. Cheers!"


"We have been in Mexico for 2 weeks now and the pillow is working a treat. 😊 This is the first holiday I’ve not had to sleep on bathroom floors / balconies. 😊😊 We will be ordering a spare once we return to the UK."


"My wife found this on Facebook, so I said, "Why not?". When it arrived, I looked at it and laughed and laughed, this'll never work LOL. That was seven months ago. I have used it since and I must say, it works as advertised. My wife is now sleeping with me again (sorry girlfriend) (just kidding), and she says my snoring is now pretty much gone. I might have to buy another as I do travel quite a bit. Thanks for the awesome product."


"My husband snored 80 percent of the time and now he doesn’t snore at all. It was an immediate change. The first night he used the Silent Sleeper, things were suddenly so quiet, I thought he was dead. Now I no longer have to sleep with earplugs in my ears."


"I've been using the Silent Sleeper for over 2 months and found it very easy to use. Even though I may have sleep apnea, I sleep through the night and feel very well rested in the morning. I am waking up less so there was a massive difference immediately.

High energy, no lethargy at all."


"I have Sleep apnea and have been using the Silent Sleeper for 2 weeks.  My wife says that before using this product I would snore all night like a freight train but no longer. Also, it immediately reduced my sleep apnea episodes by 50 percent."


"Before he started using the Silent Sleeper, he snored all night. Immediately after using it, his snoring was reduced to once or twice and quite often zero times a night. For us, snoring is no longer an issue."


"I like the slope and general feel of it, very comfortable."


"My husband bought one and it's like a miracle has happened....I keep waking up to complete silence....cannot believe it! Thank you thank you thank you more earplugs for me! Truly amazing we have tried everything over the years and nothing has been as successful as your amazing pillow!"


"OMG - I am so pleased with the results here - thank you. Kind Regards"


"This works!! We have purchased three to ensure we have a spare for holidays. Life changing results guaranteed."


"I haven't found anything else that works better."


"Just bought this product and my SnoreLab app recorded a 55% DROP in snoring the

first two nights. I feel better too. I recommend this pillow!"

We have many more, but we are sure you get the idea by now.

Don't wait any longer. With our money-back-guarantee, you have nothing to lose

.... except your snoring. 

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