Testimonials from Actual Silent Sleeper Anti-Snore System Clients

These are actual testimonials from people who are using the Silent Sleeper. If you would like to provide your own testimonial, click herePlease let us know the difference between before and after using the Silent Sleeper. If you would prefer, we can send you a questionnaire. Thank you.

Jan L.


We have been in Mexico for 2 weeks now and the pillow is working a treat. 😊 This is the first holiday I’ve not had to sleep on bathroom floors / balconies. 😊😊 We will be ordering a spare once we return to the UK.

Brian H.


My wife found this on Facebook, so I said, "Why not?". When it arrived, I looked at it and laughed and laughed, this'll never work LOL. That was seven months ago. I have used it since and I must say, it works as advertised. My wife is now sleeping with me again (sorry girlfriend) (just kidding), and she says my snoring is now pretty much gone. I might have to buy another as I do travel quite a bit. Thanks for the awesome product.

Candice C.


 My husband snored 80 percent of the time and now he doesn’t snore at all. It was an immediate change.

The first night he used the Silent Sleeper, things were suddenly so quiet, I thought he was dead. Now I no longer have to sleep with earplugs in my ears.

Kevin S.

I’ve been using the Silent Sleeper for over 2 months and found it very easy to use. Even though I may have sleep apnea, I sleep through the night and feel very well rested in the morning. I am waking up less so there was a massive difference immediately.

High energy, no lethargy at all. 

Mark C.


It was very easy to use and it didn’t take long to get used to. I used to wake myself up with my snoring but don’t do that much anymore, so I get a better night’s sleep. I would also get sore throats from snoring but not anymore. I get a better night’s sleep so I have a bit more energy and I am no longer regulated to the couch by my wife.

Chuck W.


When my silent sleeper arrived, I took one look and said, "this just isn't going to work." What was this strangely shaped piece of foam going to do to prevent snoring? Well, the surprise is on me. Not only did it help with snoring, it also helped with restlessness. Needless to say, my wife was delighted. That said, I didn't have the household monopoly on snoring. When the second order arrived, my wife slipped the silent sleeper into her pillow. That night the quiet was eerie. 48 years of snoring, gone! I don't understand the science. But then, I never understood how a combustion engine works either. All I need to know is how to drive a car, and sleep with my silent sleeper. Signed, happy customer.

Steve C.


I have Sleep apnea and have been using the Silent Sleeper for 2 weeks.  My wife says that before using this product I would snore all night like a freight train but no longer. Also, it immediately reduced my sleep apnea episodes by 50 percent.

Lizbeth S.


My husband woke up repeatedly. 4-5 times per night and after using the Silent Sleeper there was an immediate change. There is no more tossing or turning due to being woken up by his own snoring so we both now sleep soundly through the night and wake up fresh and feeling rested.

Ken C.


My wife noticed a significant reduction in my sleep apnea as well as my snoring.

Sarah C.


My husband used to snore consistently. I would have to wake him up about ten times throughout the night. After using the Silent Sleeper, he stopped snoring the first night and doesn’t snore anymore unless he somehow rolls onto his back but it rarely happens because the product prevents him from doing so.

The change was immediate. He put it under his pillow and stopped snoring. It’s been consistent ever since. I have a good night’s sleep now too, as a result of this product and it has saved our marriage.

Suzanne W.


Before he started using the Silent Sleeper, he snored all night. Immediately after using it, his snoring was reduced to once or twice and quite often zero times a night. For us, snoring is no longer an issue.

Kirsten M

I like the slope and general feel of it, very comfortable.

Richard H


Even though I have sleep apnea, I found it very easy to use and noticed an immediate change. I have less interruptions in my sleep patterns and there was definitely a difference in my energy level after waking up.

Stephen S

I haven't found anything else that works better.

Susan F


I went from hearing him snore an average of 2 to 3 times per night to less than once a week! Thank you! I, very much, appreciate the extra sleep.

Johnson F


Because I don’t snore anymore, my wife doesn’t disturb my sleep.

Steve E


Works like a dream. I was very sceptical but it really works! I don't know how but it just does.

Dawn C.


It’s great! Because my husband is no longer waking up, he doesn’t have to get up to get water or go to the bathroom as many times. This, along with his snoring less, means that I wake up less.

Maria B.


My husband bought one and it's like a miracle has happened....I keep waking up to complete silence....cannot believe it! Thank you thank you thank you ....no more earplugs for me! Truly amazing we have tried everything over the years and nothing has been as successful as you amazing pillow!

Colin M.


OMG - I am so pleased with the results here - thank you. Kind Regards, Colin.

Nettie W.


This works!! We have purchased three to ensure we have a spare for holidays. Life changing results guaranteed.

Tracy M.


I was sceptical but gave it a try , I cannot believe something so simple works so effectively! I’ve just ordered two more for people I know will really benefit using them (plus their spouses).   lol

Bill M.


Hi Guys, Thanks for the stop snoring aid...it really works and my wife couldn't be happier. Nice to have a sleep without wearing other devices that only work part time. I will be getting another one for the wife now, she wanted one right away when I stopped my snoring...Yeahhhhhh Cheers, Bill

Chuck W.


Men don’t have a monopoly on snoring, as I can testify. My wife used her Silent Sleeper last night . . . hold on, wait. Not a sound. The quiet was eerie. Well done.

Lana O.

As long as he continues using his Silent Sleeper, he doesn't snore. It definitely exceeded my expectations!

Susan E.

Just bought this product and my SnoreLab app recorded a 55% DROP in snoring the

first two nights. I feel better too. I recommend this pillow!

Hedwig K.


I bought one and it really works. No snoring anymore !!

Shanette B.

Well I must say I’m impressed! It has lessened my hubby’s snoring dramatically, not 100% for sure, as he stills snores but so much quieter... from a train to a soft rumble and no he doesn’t have sleep apnea from too many nose surgeries gone wrong. He still manages the end up on his back now and again and then that snoring is the same but not as much as before. We’ve had it for a week now, so hoping he’ll start to stay on his side more and more. He really misses his Bamboo pillow though, as this cannot be felt in it. It’s too dense so that’s taking more time to get used to a thinner more regular type of pillow. But hey! He can suck it up cuz for 28 years I’ve listened to that train lol.
Here’s to happy healthier sleeping!


Beverley B.

I have it and my partner says it is much better. You have to be on your side and your head at the proper position. Easy to fix if you wake up and you have moved. Works good. Taking it traveling... sharing a room.

Felicity D.

This works!! I’ve tried all the other “remedies” to no avail. But this simple pillow actually works. I would recommend it to everyone!

Alison R.

It works!!!

Gertrude S.

it definitely stops my snoring and I notice I get much more restful sleep!

Scott M

It actually helped alleviate my sore neck. I now sleep with less pain.

Debbie B.


Hi, I have now used the anti-snore pillow for 2 nights and my husband is amazed that it stopped my storing and he has managed to get a full nights sleep in ages, so thank you and long may it continue.

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