We understand that during the current Covid-19 pandemic, 

money is a little tight for everyone. So, in an effort to help,

we are giving you a helping-hand discount of 20% toward your 

own Silent Sleeper. This still includes your


Now, you can feel even better about gifting yourself a snore-free life.



You have absolutely nothing to lose,

except your snoring!!!!

The Silent Sleeper is a specifically designed cushion that comfortably slips right under your own pillow.

You read that correctly.

You get to KEEP your own pillow!!

“I was the test, and now we need one for my wife, Suzanne.

I will admit to being skeptical, but it does seem to work. It’s hard to argue with success.




Chuck Waldron is the accomplished writer of such great novels as; The Cleansweep Conspiracy and Served Cold. He is so happy with his Silent Sleeper, he purchased two more and took the time to write us this email and send a photo. Thanks Chuck.

"OMG what a great first impression. The first time in years I have slept all night. I hope this keeps up because I feel great this morning. You should get the Nobel Peace Prize. Our nights have never been so peaceful. I could not wait to let you know.

Regards, Richard"

Richard contacted us after the very first night of using his Silent Sleeper.

"I can’t believe how quickly it worked. There was a drastic difference on the very first night.


My wife and I are very happy with the results. You are a lifesaver!


"Hi, attached is a photo of a selection of the aids we have tried to help prevent snoring.  All failed.  Others we have tried have been binned so are not in the photo. The first night using the Silent Sleeper my wife woke me in a panic as she thought I had died where I was so quiet.  This is the most effective aid we have used. Successful from the start.


Kindest regards,

Richard W."

"I would like to report a miracle which has happened over here in the U.K.. For over the past 20 years of interrupted sleep and myself being relegated to the spare room, my wife has witnessed a miracle take place. She no longer has to use her ear plugs and is having peaceful nights. Thanks again and I will be ordering 2 more. One for my son and a spare for myself.


Cheers, Robert B."

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Watch this quick video to see

how the Silent Sleeper

was invented.

Click here to learn more about how the Silent Sleeper will help you.

Now at 20% off and our MONEY BACK GUARANTEE*. 

What have you got to lose… except your snoring.

Click below and get yours today!

Buy now and

get your 20%

discount while

you can!

Click the photo to watch our funny commercial.

"The easiest to use, most comfortable and best

priced anti-snoring device 

on the market that



You just slip the

Silent Sleeper under

your own pillow and you


A message from the inventor of the Amazing Silent Sleeper Anti-Snore System:


Hello. My name is Mark. Thanks for checking out our website. I understand that it’s easy to be skeptical that something so simple can stop you from snoring. I designed the Silent Sleeper because I started snoring and none of the other products that I tried worked for me. Much like many of you out there, I wanted a product that stopped me from snoring but I didn’t want to be forced to shove things into my mouth or attach things to my face.

    Instead, my wife and I spent months experimenting with various shapes, sizes, heights and densities until we came up with the perfect design. It gently turns your head in the exact angle necessary for gravity to comfortably keep your jaw forward and eliminate snoring. We believe the Silent Sleeper is the most comfortable and easiest to use anti-snoring device on the market. Plus, it actually works!! Just slip it under your own pillow and go to sleep. It works like a charm, not only for me, but for pretty much every person who uses it. You really need to give it a try.

     We've kept the Silent Sleeper at a low price so even skeptics can purchase one. Get yours today because soon, we may have to increase the price. As for now, you have nothing to lose… except your snoring.


From my wife, Sarah, and I, thanks again and have a sensational day,


Now at 20% off and our MONEY BACK GUARANTEE*. 

What have you got to lose… except your snoring.

Click below and get yours today!

Buy now and

get your 20%

discount while

you can!

​Return Policy;

  • The client is responsible for all shipping costs.

  • Refund does not include the cost of shipping the item to you.

  • The client must contact us first, to ensure correct returning instructions and address.

  • If you live in the Vancouver, BC area, you can arrange to meet up with us to return your purchase.

  • It can take up to two weeks for a person to get used to using the Silent Sleeper. The client must wait at least two-weeks from the purchase date and no longer than six weeks after the purchase date before making arrangements with us to return the item.

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Manufactured in North America with North American workers.

We ship internationally.